"Viola Dana was something for the books. Starting four years before with Edison, she was now getting the Metro buildup. Luxuriantly dark-haired and medium in height, she had a compact, strong, neat figure. "Beautiful" did not quite describe her, nor did "vivacious." Not quite the former, she was more than the latter. She created her own magnetic field. She was as animal-innocent and as alluring as a panther. Buster Keaton had never felt a presence quite like this. This feminine tomboy dissolved constraint and established the natural.

Meeting Buster, she simply said, “I like you.” In those days it was a fresh phrase. Within a month, the Viola Dana-Buster Keaton alliance was Hollywood’s most talked-about romance.”


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    This was obviously a woman after my own heart.
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    That’s all it took? “I like you?” What about ” I love you, Buster”? lol Also, I noticed that the women proposed to...
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